Welcome to the CustomArray, Inc. service information page. We are the premier providers of services using our microarray-detection and oligo-synthesis platforms. Our scientists have expertise in design of new oligo chips for gene detection, genomics technologies for gene target validation and quantitation, as well as adaptation of our products to new technological arenas. We have access to both extensive cell-culture capabilities for in vitro validation of siRNAs or microRNAs (miRNAs) and their effects on gene signatures, and we can quantitate effects of disease on miRNA signatures using our miRNA arrays. Through external partnerships, we can even offer in vivo target validation through nanoparticle delivery of siRNAs in to animals.

We have the highest quality control standards developed over years of experience within the array field and this, together with our attention to detail in experimental design and implementation, ensures the highest quality data returned to our customers.

Below is a brief list of the services we offer: 

Array Design

Because of the flexibility and speed in synthesizing oligos in situ on our arrays, we can rapidly change array content to meet customers’ needs. We have tremendous expertise in the manufacture and quality control of custom microarrays, and this is a major focus of the company.

Gene-Expression Analysis

Using our proprietary arrays and the ability to rapidly modify gene content on these arrays, we can rapidly develop new content to measure gene expression. Using either fluorescence or electrochemical detection approaches, we can perform the hybridization reactions and quantitate the gene-expression profiles under a variety of conditions.

Aptamer Identification for Proteins

Aptamers are short oligonucleotides that exhibit high selectivity and affinity for protein targets. Aptamers can provide starting points for high-throughput screens to identify small-molecule ligands against a specific enzyme or receptor; they can be used to target nanoparticles carrying drugs to the necessary cells/tissues in vivo; and they can be used in place of antibodies on arrays for protein detection and quantitation.

Using proprietary algorithms, we design oligo arrays to detect aptamers that can bind to a customers’ protein of interest. We can rapidly home in on the most avid binding sequences. These oligos can then be synthesized and validated in secondary assays

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