Overview: Array-Production Service

CustomArray produces microarrays. These are high quality, completely customizable microarrays that provide a cost-effective and timely solution for microarray users. Oligonucleotide probes can be defined and designed by the user or via our content-design services.

Using our on-chip in situ oligo-synthesizer system, each feature of the array chip can be customized with an oligo with desired length and sequence characteristics. Up to 32 arrays (4x2k format) or 8 arrays (other formats) can be produced using the system in under 24 hours. Arrays produced using the system can readily be used in gene expression studies since the platform takes advantage of equipment used for scanning microscope slide microarrays and avoids the necessity of purchasing additional equipment. The microarrays are manufactured under stringent conditions, and each and every array is quality controlled. The production turn-around time is typically less than thirty days.

We have developed many such arrays covering everything from pathogen detection to human gene-expression profiles to identification of viral subtypes and microRNA expression.

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