Welcome to the CustomArray®, Inc. product-catalog page. We offer a variety of products aimed at the “Omics” marketplace. These include arrays and instrumentation for genomics as well as services for proteomics.

Below is a brief list of the products we manufacture and sell.

12kchip Microarrays

These are oligo arrays in 4x2k™, 12k™, and 90k™ formats. We also sell blank chips ready for in situ oligo synthesis on the B3™ Synthesizer.


smsynthCustom Oligo Synthesizer

The B3 Synthesizer, complete with PC and software package to allow rapid, directed, in situ synthesis of oligos on our array chips. Chips can be used for gene expression, microRNA detection, etc.  


smesenseElectraSense® Reader

This small instrument can read a 12k array in 20-45 seconds. The unit is considerably less expensive than fluorescence chip readers for those entering the array market.

All of the items listed above are available and can be shipped to your location. Standard shipping charges apply.

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