We are the premier providers of custom oligonucleotide pools for:
  • Two platforms -- up to 12,000 unique sequences or up to 90,000 unique sequences per pool.
  • High-fidelity oligonucleotides with error rates as low as 0.5% (1 error in 200 bases).
  • Up to 1 fmole of full-length DNA per feature.
  • Rapid turn around time -- typically 1 week.
  • Oligos up to 170 bases in length.  (Up to 200 bases for special orders -- see below.)
  • Extremely competitive pricing -- as low as 0.04 cents per base.  See pricing below.
  • Streamlined and hassle-free ordering.

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  • B3 Synthesizer

  • Electrochemical synthesis


Oligo Length (Bases)*

Up to 12,472 oligos (USD)

Up to 92,918 oligos (USD)
















*If you need oligos of 171-200 bases in length, please contact us for pricing and availability. Pricing is determined by the longest oligo length in the pool. We recommend keeping the lengths of the oligos in your pool within 10%.

Tech Document:

    • The CustomArray 12K is a premier microarray format in the market for changing content and multi-iteration updates. Customers tell us that we have the most cost-effective microarray in the business for customized content.

    • CustomArray’s superior flexibility and performance is designed to overcome limitations and lack of flexibility in other microarray platforms. In addition to its superior performance, the 12K offers:

  • Any oligo content up to 50 bases in length
  • Rapid results because new chips can be built very quickly
  • Compatibility with common sample preparation techniques and hybridization buffers
  • No minimum order requirements, up front fees, or special equipment/system purchases
  • Bioinformatic tools for available to all customers
In addition, the 12K is manufactured under industry leading quality standards.
The 12K system is economical, simple, requires less labor, and design-to-results is rapid. Users can update and change probe designs at any time and arrays can be updated as new sequences are available. CustomArray users can research any gene, any genome, or any sequence.
    • The ElectraSense® platform is a robust, affordable, and user-friendly microarray reader that uses an electrochemical reaction to measure up to 12,000 probes in 25-45 seconds. No more templating, laser power adjustments, slide tilt, bleaching, or ozone to worry about.

    • The ElectraSense Reader and CustomArray microarrays are an unbeatable combination of technologies that provide:

  • Re-usable Microarrays: Reduction of cost/test achieved by stripping and rehybridization of the CustomArray®, typically up to 3 additional times.
  • Compatibility with 4x2K and 12K microarray formats.
  • Freedom From Grid Alignment: No tedious set-up time involved.
  • Fast Detection Time: Read an entire microarray in about 30 seconds.
  • Automated Data Extraction, Background Subtraction and Data Normalization.
  • Compact Design: Allows for easy portability and minimal bench-space.

Advantages over conventional fluorescence microarray readers:

  • Decreased Cost of Ownership:

    The cost is considerably less than the purchase of a standard fluorescence reader. Also, expensive fluorescent dyes are replaced by enzymes and substrates.

  • Increases Laboratory Resources and Time:

    The ElectraSense Reader takes the place of expensive, complex, and delicate lasers and optical systems, which reduces operation and maintenance costs since optics, light sources, and complicated alignment components are eliminated.

  • Increases Hands-off Time:

    With no need to adjust focus, adjust PMT, or calibrate the instrument.

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