Welcome to the CustomArray, Inc. oligo pools information page. We are the premier providers of custom oligonucleotide pools for:

Custom Targeted Sequencing

Synthetic Biology

Complex DNA Libraries

  • Two platforms -- up to 12,000 unique sequences or up to 90,000 unique sequences per pool.
  • High-fidelity oligonucleotides with error rates as low as 0.5% (1 error in 200 bases).
  • Up to 1 fmole of full-length DNA per feature.
  • Rapid turn around time -- typically 1 week.
  • Oligos up to 170 bases in length.  (Up to 200 bases for special orders -- see below.)
  • Extremely competitive pricing -- as low as 0.04 cents per base.  See pricing below.
  • Streamlined and hassle-free ordering.

We are typically willing to beat competitor pricing.  If you have a lower offer than the pricing below, please contact us for a quote.

Pricing for up to 12,472 different oligos:

Oligo Length (bases) Price (US$)
10-79 $1600
80-109 $1800
110-130 $2000
131-150 $2200
151-170 $2400

Pricing for up to 92,918 different oligos:

Oligo Length (bases) Price (US$)
10-79 $4000
80-109 $4500
110-130 $5000
131-150 $5500
151-170 $6000

If you need oligos of 171-200 bases in length, please contact us for pricing and availability.

CustomArray uses advanced CMOS semiconductor technology to enable it to synthesize thousands of oligonucleotides simultaneously. Each array contains thousands of individually addressable electrodes, which electrochemically synthesize a unique oligonucleotide at each electrode. The oligonucleotides are cleaved from the surface to create custom oligo pools.

For more information or for a free quote, please contact us via email :

You may also call us at 1-732-885-9188 ( Toll-Free ). 

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